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Check Your Website Status with Online Tools

Hello Guys,

Here I have mentioned below some great tools to analyze your website status online after considering many factors. Your website quality is been estimated as per inbound back links, search engine rankings, page rank, Alexa rank, Domain age and many other factors.

To check those out you often need to search in Google or need to remember those tools; so now I prepared the list for all these tools at one place, I hope you will definitely like this list.

Yahoo Site Explorer: http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/
To check in bound back links for your website.

Compete: http://www.compete.com
Compete allows you to compare website traffic with two other websites and shows traffic
Trend. It also shows growth velocity of a particular website. Check it out here.

Quantcast: http://www.quantcast.com
Quantcast is also an online web based web analytic tool to measure traffic of websites.
You need to place a script in your website to measure your website traffic.

Alexa: http://www.alexa.com
Alexa ranks website as per the traffic and page views website gets, especially Alexa
Rank generally considered by many advertisers and publishers. IMHO, it does not have
any more logical value than that

Feed Compare: http://www.feedcompare.com
This tools is used to determine website’s popularity is by tracking its RSS feed
subscriber trends.

POPURI: http://www.popuri.us
This tool provides basic information such as PR, back links in Google, Alexa Rank,
Whois details and many more information.

Social Meter: http://www.socialmeter.com
This tool provides information related to website status in major social book marking websites.

TweetVolume: http://www.tweetvolume.com
To find out search volume for the keywords by people on twitter what they talking about much.

Quarkbase: http://www.quarkbase.com
This tool provides website overall summary including contact, about us, alexa, book marking, Blog discussions and many more.

Blogpulse: http://www.blogpulse.com
This tool finds data about a particular blog or blogger, this tool provides blog’s rank, how often it’s cited in other blogs, and other information such as how many posts are published each month and blogs those are similar to it.

Technorati Blogging Central: http://www.technorati.com/blogging
This tool allows you to check the ranks of a specific blog to estimate its popularity among the 130 million+ blogs on the web. It ranks particular blog as per links it contains. The higher the back links for a specific blog the higher the rank for that blog in this tool.

StatBrain: http://www.statbrain.com
This tool provides website Meta Details, links in Google, Yahoo, Altavista and location of server for the website. This tool estimate traffic for your website which is not accurate, they are in process to filter it out.

Cubestat: http://www.cubestat.com
This tool provides you host information and website daily page views views. It estimates price of a website considering daily page views and links. This tool also provides other basic information for website.

DnScoop: http://www.dnscoop.com
DnScoop estimates value of a website considering factors such as back links, website popularity, page rank, traffic, and many more.

Website Out Look: http://www.websiteoutlook.com
This tools estimates website value based upon Alexa rank, website page rank, IBLs, Daily page views and daily ad revenue.

I hope you all enjoyed the list.


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