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Did you ever feel that Forum websites rankings decrease Google search results qualities?

I was constantly researching after this issue and finally i made a decision, yes they are influencing Google Rankings.

Google is well known search engines because of its quality of search results. It makes Google a No. 1 search engine on the web. But some how Google fails to show quality results because of forum websites.
I have made deep research on thinking which factors are influencing Google. After I made deep research I found mostly forum websites are influencing Google search results. As forum websites are frequently updated and Google likes new content placed on the web. Especially in SEO and Internet Marketing industry, DigitalPoint, SitePoint, SEOChat, Webmasterworld, HighRankings, etc. When a visitor search for the relevant articles or services in Google few search results will contain these forum sites, as those are having high PR and they daily updated with lots of content.

The thread placed on these forum sites are mostly intended to build links and self promotion. A common visitor does not like it because what he really want to know he can’t because on forum board there are many opinions placed by members and that makes him confused. Visitors finally go for 3 or 4 relevant results for what he is looking for.

Forum influences mostly effects the services provider websites, because of them relevant website results goes down and they need to do lot more struggle to get in top 10. Sometimes forum website takes away business from quality services Provider Company in form of referring their advertisers, and they intended to earn a lot from this affiliate marketing. E.G. if some one make search for SEO than the first result is ok from wikipedia but after those results are scrappy because I found, SEO Book on 8th Pos. and on 12th and 13th pos. Tools. SEOBook results were displayed, in first 2 pages 3 results come from the one site, Google is not giving importance to SEO Services provider. Some times i faced this kind of things with Good blogs and article sites but their content are well mannered and highly qualified so they deserves rankings, but forum discussions are some times worthless, infact in most of the case it becomes scrapy forums to get only and only dofollow link to site.

I hope Google will now take some action and keep away forum listings in the search results. This will make Google a quality search engine. Although, I am big fan of forum sites especially Dofollow forums, as they giving be comprehensive back links with Anchor text. I suggest you to surf each and every forums rather than doing strong promotion in only few forums. List of Dofollow Forums I have already placed here in my Blog.

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