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Google SERP’s Misbehavior

Today, I was doing search for my keyword rankings in Google. Accidentally I found strange results. I am not sure but can say it’s Google SERP Misbehavior.

I had fired a query “Link Building” in Google US Search. I was finding my listing but unfortunately my listing was dropped down and I can’t see it in any of SERP’s. I went in deep and more deep, I found a result for an Article which has been written and posted by Ann Smarty. She is very good at writing and very good Author too, her quality post deserves in SERP for sure, but for two (2) times? I can’t understand Google behavior on this.

The actual post which has been written is on Old VS New Link Building Strategies. It’s very well written post by Ann. Google is ranking this post for two times, hence it rank this article at last pages of SERP. First you just make search preference 100 from 10 and search with “Link building” term. You will find the first result on 7th page and the position is “676” to see this listing “SEO Smarty 1St Listing” clicks here and you can view the same listing on 8th Page and position for the second listing is “731”. You can view the same listing second times at “SEO Smarty 2nd Listing”.

I feel I should not raise-hell on this especially topic much more, but I had earlier seen this type of Google misbehavior's in top SERP’s too, but that was for a limited time. I reviewed these both listings for last 2 days and now after reviewing it I posted here. Hope Google may notice this issue to improve its quality search. Still I recommended you my Blog lovers to read this wonderful article on Link building which one you are going to choose Conventional (Old) or New Link Building (Web 2.0) strategy.

Now the question is “if Google repeating the same listing for couple of times, than why other listings not?” “Why other quality posts are not getting enough stands in SERP?”

What do you think and feel about it?

Have a Nice Read.

Note: This post is not against the author of this article nor article. This post solely intended to provide information on Google search engine resulted pages qualities and failures.


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