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Google webmaster sitemap shows submitted sitemap status pending ???

Since last 24 hours Google webmaster tool sitemap behaves strange. I have many sites use webmaster tool and I created sitemaps for my websites. They are always downloaded by Google regularly and indexed pages properly. But recently the sitemap tool is very seems to be very strange. The sitemaps submitted long before change status to PENDING, and submitted URL counts change to ZERO. I had tried submitting them again, I checked again my webmaster account and I found the same problem again.

I searched Google webmaster tool group, it seems some thing wrong with Google sitemap tool. I don’t know what wrong happening out there with my account. I checked my other Google webmaster accounts too but I don’t see this problem in those accounts. I surf today lots of webmaster forums and I found few people suffering from this Google webmaster sitemap tool crisis. For every one this won’t be the same.

Are you facing the same problem with your Google webmaster account? Have you checked your website sitemap status? Do you find it in Pending status? Are there any major changes in your website rankings?

How can Google changes status of submitted sitemap and well ranked websites. Along with these I found lots of strange behaviors in Google Search engine resulted pages (SERP). Still I am happy that there are no major changes with SERP’s of my websites but yeah surely I can say there might be a strange Google dance since last 12 hours.

If you’re facing this Google webmaster sitemap crisis than I suggest you to re-submit sitemap in webmaster account otherwise remove sitemaps and submit it once again in your webmaster account.

Don’t wait any more just check your website sitemap status in your own Google webmaster account. Click below to check your website sitemap status.


Hope every thing will be fine soon…


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