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Helpful codes for SEO

Helpful Server Response Codes for SEO

I was feeling that few webmasters who have just joined web industry they are facing with codes used in web. I have decided to place all these codes together which help newbie as well as experienced webmasters because there are so many codes and to remember each and every code is not easy.

For you my blog lovers here I am with “Helpful Codes for SEO”. I hope this may be helpful to you guys. I have prepared the list of “Server Response Codes (SRC)” with their simple definitions as definitions available on the web are some times make confusing web masters to know importance of each code and usage.

There are five categories and I have categorized each and every code in respective category:

Category 1: Informational 1xx

100 Continue: This Server Response Codes (SRC) indicates that request has been completed and process can move along.

101 Switching Protocols: This SRC is used to indicates request for switching to one protocol to another protocol e.g. (HTTP to FTP) is been accepted.

Category 2: Successful 2xx

200 OK: It indicates the process is normal and the working fine with requests.

201 Created: Confirmation for successfully created new address through CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

202 Accepted: This SRC confirms that request has been accepted, yet response not given.

203 Non-Authoritative Information: The information received in entity header from another server.

204 No Content: The part which has no content any more and request server to get content again and again.

205 Reset Content: This SRC helps server to reset content returned by CGI.

206 Partial Content: Returned few data of content because of unexpected reason.

Category 3: Redirection 3xx

300 Multiple Choices: This SRC allows multiple access of requested address which can be resulted in to an error or you may choice a address you want.

301 Moved Permanently: This SRC confirms that there was a page which you have requested on server but now it’s permanently moved to new address and brings you to the new address.

302 Moved Temporarily: To indicate page has been moved temporarily and new URL is available.

303 See Other: “See Other” SRC. Data available on the server somewhere else, and used get method to retrieve available data.

304 Not Modified: “Not Modified” It indicates how long it’s been since the page updated if asks “if modified since”.

305 Use Proxy: Indicates server to request must be accessed by using proxy.

Category 4: Client Error 4xx

400 Bad Request: It indicates syntax error in request, request can’t be accepted.

401 Unauthorized: The header contains invalid authorization codes not allow to complete request.

402 Payment Required: Seems to be very strange, but it’s out of services.

403 Forbidden: Forbidden your request because server not able to complete your desired request what exactly you want to see.

404 Not Found: The requested page not found on server, the document has been removed or typo error in URL.

405 Method Not Allowed: File access not allowed with your method.

406 Not Acceptable: The page is exists but system can’t understand the format of the page.

407 Proxy Authentication Required: Authorization for request required.

408 Request Timeout: Request time out because of slow server speed the main reason behind it slow internet connection.

409 Conflict: Multiple accesses for the same requests from too many servers.

410 Gone: The page used to exist, unfortunately its not available.

411 Length Required: Missing content length header in request.

412 Preconditions Failed: pre-condition requires for accessing the particular page, if you don’t meet it, you won’t access the page.

413 Request Entity Too Large: The requested page is too large to load.

414 Request-URI Too Long: Requested URL of the web page is too long to access.

415 Unsupported Media Type: Page require certain programs to access the request

Category 1: Server Error 5xx

500 Internal Server Error: Server itself having problem for processing request.

501 Not Implemented: Your Request can not be completed by server.

502 Bad Gateway: Server has received the bugs from the server you are trying to access.

503 Service Unavailable: Requested service temporary not available.

504 Gateway Timeout: Time out occurred at gateway of server.

505 HTTP Version Not Supported: HTTP protocol request not supported.

Enjoy the List you all SEO and Webmasters!!!


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